Renewable Energy for Everyone


We make every effort to hold classes rain or shine, no matter what the circumstances. The most common reason for class cancellation is because of not reaching a minimum enrollment by a set date. Also, please note that some classes listed on our schedule are sponsored by other organizations that hire us to teach; in those cases all registration and refunds are handled by the sponsoring organization.

Our registration and refund policies are as follows:

  • If bad weather or other natural disaster makes travel for us impossible or dangerous, we will delay the start of class by no more than 2 days, after which pro-rated refunds will be issued;
  • Some classes have a minimum registration cut-off date, and you pay a deposit to reserve your seat. This date is shown when you are signing up for the class, and is 15-30 days before the start of class. If the class is canceled due to low registration, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Your full payment for the class will be charged to your credit card the day after the cut-off date. If you would prefer to mail a check or pay in cash the first day of class, that would be fine, but please contact us so we don't sell your seat to someone else.
  • If you cannot attend a class you paid for, your deposit is not refundable. However, you can transfer your registration to another of our classes on a different date at any location at no charge.
  • Under no circumstances shall Buckville Energy Consulting, the class instructors, or the host be liable for any expenses (including travel) incurred by any person or organization due to the cancellation of a class.
  • If you attend the first day of a multi-day class and decide that it is not for you, you will receive a prorated refund for the remaining days.
  • If you are forced to leave class any time after the first day, the full amount is still due. However we are always willing to negotiate a prorated refund depending on your circumstances.