Renewable Energy for Everyone

Wind Power Reality: Course Syllabus

Course Description:

Wind is the most complicated renewable resource to harvest. If you've ever wondered how wind turbines work, why they look like they do, and if a small wind turbine might help you power your home, this entertaining and informative one-hour seminar is for you.

In addition to home and business owners considering small wind power, this course is also recommended for all others interested in the basics of wind power, including: renewable energy system designers and installers who have never worked with wind energy; city, county and state regulatory officials interested in creating wind turbine zoning laws; potential investors and venture capitalists considering wind energy investments; and more.

Course Syllabus:

Conservation first, then renewable energy
Average home energy use
How to read your utility bill
Why would you want a wind turbine?
Solar versus wind = apples versus oranges
Power versus energy
Low winds more common than high winds
Swept area versus rated output versus energy
Wind power is all about:
Wind speed
Swept area
Cost per kilowatt-hour
Formula for power available in the wind
How to increase wind speed (tall towers)
The fallacy of rooftop wind turbines
Wind turbine high-wind protection methods
HAWT versus VAWT
Use the right tool for the job (water pumping vs. electricity)
Wind turbine design comparisons (NREL)
Beware of wind power hype and scams
Examples of poorly-sited wind turbines
Birds and bats
Build your own wind turbine?