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The Evergreen Institute, Gerald, Missouri, 2009

Last week DanF, George, Scotty, and I all went out to the Evergreen Institute in MO to teach a 6 day workshop on how to build a wind turbine.  This is one of the latest projects Dan Chiras is taking on ~ to provide a forum for workshops on sustainable living and renewable energy.  It's a beautiful piece of land with a large classroom building, a nice house with a downstairs apartment, a big barn to work in ~ a pond, and 50 acres to hike around on.  It's located just outside of Gerald MO.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Wisconsin, 2006

Homebrew Wind Turbine Construction Seminar, 2006

or, "How to turn metal, wood, engineers, wind and chaos into electricity"

Large Vestas wind turbine on the door peninsula
A 660 kW Vestas wind turbine on the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin

Blogs from past renewable energy seminars

Check out some of our blogs from a selection of our past seminars with the links at left, and get an idea of how intensive these hands-on workshops are!

Adventures in Renewable Energy Consulting: Set Net Point and Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

We got to visit a place that few people ever see -- Set Net, Nicaragua, on the Caribbean coast north of Pearl Lagoon. No cars, no stores, no restaurants, no motels. A self-sufficient subsistance fishing town. Their Blue Energy wind turbine had a breakdown, so we went up to fetch it back to the Inatech shop in Bluefields. 100 miles each way in a panga!

Some houses on the Bluefields waterfront, which also shows why you don't drink the water down here.

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Renewable Energy Systems and Firefighter Safety

With the proliferation of grid-tied photovoltaic systems in urban and suburban areas, firefighters who had never seen a solar array during their entire careers are now encountering PV systems regularly during emergency responses.

  • The one- and two-hour versions of this class are designed to train firefighters in the safety basics of working around renewable energy systems during an incident.


Dan Fink and Dan Bartmann are available for speaking, teaching and consulting on renewable energy issues. Combined, they have over 35 years of off-grid electrical experience.


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