Renewable Energy for Everyone


Dan Fink and Dan Bartmann are available for speaking, teaching and consulting on renewable energy issues. Combined, they have over 35 years of off-grid electrical experience.


Areas of specialisation:
  • Renewable energy educational lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Wind power "reality checks" for investors and venture capitalists
  • Renewable energy system design and installation for remote or difficult off-grid locations
  • Small wind turbine design, construction, deployment and local manufacture
  • Renewable energy system troubleshooting, testing and appraisal
  • Renewable energy systems and firefighter safety

Publication Credits:


  • Co-authors, "Homebrew Wind Power," Buckville Publications 2009, ISBN 978-0-9819201-0-8
  • Contributor, "Smart Home Hacks," O'Reilly Media 2005, ISBN 0-596-00722-1


  • Back Home Magazine
  • Home Power Magazine
  • The Journal of Green Building
  • Lighting Today Magazine
  • The Solar Home and Business Journal
  • Solar Professional Magazine
  • Countryside Magazine
  • The Huffington Post

Training curricula:

  • Renewable Energy Systems and Firefighter Safety:
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department
  • Larimer County Fire Chief's Council
  • AEE Solar Dealer's Conference
  • Westminister Fire Department
  • Poudre Canyon Fire Department
  • Colorado State Firefighter's Convention
  • Tucson Fire Department
  • Pima Association of Governments
  • LaFarge Fire Department

Lectures, seminars and workshops:

  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
  • Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association
  • Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair
  • The Evergreen Institute
  • Engineers Without Borders University of Colorado
  • Engineers Without Borders Rocky Mountain Region
  • Small Wind Across America Conference
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Chadron State College
  • Small Wind Across America Conference
  • The Small Wind Conference
  • Blue Energy Group, Bluefields, Nicaragua
  • Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal

Instructor Biographies:

Dan Fink has lived off the grid, high in the Northern Colorado mountains, since 1991, 11 miles from the nearest power pole or phone line. He has a BA in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University, and spent 10 years in the field as a renewable energy system consultant, designer and installer. He has been employed as a renewable energy technical author and educator since the year 2000, and is the Executive Director of Buckville Energy Consulting, and the Editor-in-Chief of Buckville Publications LLC. Dan is co-author of the book “Homebrew Wind Power,” and his articles and photographs frequently appear in such magazines as Home Power, Back Home, Solar Professional, The Journal of Green Building, and Lighting Today. He is a regular “Ask the Experts” columnist for Home Power Magazine, and a weekly columnist for the Solar Home and Business Journal.

Dan Bartmann grew up off the grid in the Colorado mountains starting at age three, and has lived there ever since. He is the Education Director of Buckville Energy Consulting, and co-author of the book “Homebrew Wind Power.” His articles and photographs have appeared in both Home Power Magazine and Back Home Magazine, and he is the founder of Otherpower.com, a website devoted to home energy production. Dan's focus and passion are on educating the public about both the potential and the pitfalls of small wind power. His innovative small wind turbine designs have achieved recognition worldwide, and are ideally suited for local manufacture in impoverished and developing regions. He teaches and consults regularly on the topic across the US and internationally for NGOs, educators, and homeowners alike.

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