Renewable Energy for Everyone

About Us

Buckville Publications LLC and Buckville Energy Consulting LLC are located completely off-grid at 8200 feet elevation in the Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains, 11 miles from the nearest power line or telephone pole. Our offices are powered entirely by solar and wind, with biodiesel and wood-fired steam for backup.

Dan Fink and Dan Bartmann are the owners, and they are also responsible for the popular do-it-yourself renewable energy website Otherpower.com. Dan B grew up off the grid, hauling a car battery up and down the hill to an antique WinCharger turbine to charge so he could watch Star Trek. Dan F moved off the grid in 1991, and has been a professional renewable energy system designer, installer and troubleshooter since 1994.

In addition to co-authoring the book Homebrew Wind Power, Dan and Dan's articles and photography have appeared in such publications as Home Power Magazine, Back Home Magazine, Lighting Today Magazine, Solar Professional Magazine, Countryside, The Huffington Post, and more.